Corrupt officers and people design ways to create black money even now while general public suffers

linesNEW DELHI: It has now become clear that demonitisation has failed to deter people amassing black money. Government officers are also not behind in this heinous act. It is reported that demonetised notes+ worth Rs 8.15 crore were deposited in banks by Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) officials between November 8 and 20, an inquiry panel has said in its preliminary report, prompting the Delhi government to refer the matter to ACB for probe.

Transport minister Satyendar Jain said some senior DTC officials maybe involved in the matter, indicating that either they deposited their “bribe money” in DTC’s bank accounts or they did this for earning “commission”.

On November 19, Jain had ordered the DTC’s CMD to conduct a detailed inquiry into allegations that some officers in the DTC are interchanging notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 against the smaller-value notes collected from the passengers as fare.

“The CMD has submitted his preliminary report. It shows that from November 8 to 20, Rs 8,14,85,500 was deposited in banks in the form of demonetised notes. 33,647 notes in denomination of Rs 1000 and 95,677 notes in denomination of Rs 500 were deposited.

“I have asked the Transport Commissioner to refer the matter to the Anti-Corruption Branch of the Delhi government for further probe and suspend the officials who are suspected to be involved in the matter, immediately,” Jain told reporters here.

The minister said he was made aware of the issue in a public hearing on November 19.

Scrapped Rs 500 and 1,000 notes+ were deposited by DTC officials in banks despite the state bus agency issuing an order on November 9, asking the conductors not to accept demonetised notes.

Jain sought to know how high-value currency notes were deposited in banks by DTC officials if bus conductors did not accept them from passengers.

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