Youth murdered by brother when asked to leave house to enjoy with GF

murderNEW DELHI: Asked to go out of the house late at night so that his brother and his girlfriend could spend time together, a post-graduate DU student bludgeoned his elder sibling to death with a dumbbell at their flat in north Delhi’s Burari, early Monday morning.

The brothers, whose parents live in Jhansi, argued over the issue as the accused, Himanshu Verma, 23, didn’t want to stay out in the cold. In a fit of rage, he allegedly threw a dumbbell at his brother Hitesh, 28, and kept hitting him with it till he passed out.

The victim taught Sanskrit in a college. He had called his girlfriend over and wanted Himanshu to go out at 1.30am. Himanshu told cops that Hitesh had been asking him to leave every other day .

This time Himanshu refused, saying he had nowhere to go so late in the night.

Police received a call at 3am, one hour after the killing. Cops said Himanshu initially cooked up a story about two men barging in and killing his brother. They said he had hidden the dumbbell under his bed, which was later seized.

The landlord, however, told the cops that nobody had entered the house that night. There was just one en trance to the first-floor flat -through the main gate of the house on the ground floor, where the landlord lived.

“During sustained investigation, Himanshu broke down and confessed his crime,” said Madhur Verma, deputy commissioner of police (north).

Himanshu told the cops that two months after shifting to Delhi, Hitesh had started dating a girl. He had initially kept his relationship secret, fearing that Himanshu would tell their parents about it.

But after Himanshu got suspicious and started asking questions, Hitesh told him about it and asked him to “cooperate”. Himanshu had agreed back then, but after his arrest, he told the police that his brother had started taking him for granted.

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