Semi nude body of lady doctor found, jeans was wrapped around neck, two friends arrested

nudeThe victim, a physiotherapist, was sexually assaulted and strangled by her friends in Vile Parle.

Police have detained two men in connection with the rape and murder of a 25-year-old physiotherapist in Vile Parle. The victim, identified as Shraddha Panchal, was, according to medical reports, sexually assaulted and then murdered late on Monday. The police said that the two men are her friends.

Forensic doctors from the HBT Medical College, attached with the Cooper Hospital said that Panchal, who was found naked, and with one half of her face burnt, was murdered in the wee hours on Monday. “She was sexually assaulted, hit on the head, and then strangled. The murderers tried to set her body on fire,” said one of the doctors on the condition of anonymity.
According to the police, Panchal had gone out with a friend to celebrate the latter’s birthday at a restaurant close to her home on Monday evening. She got back home at around 12pm. The murder, according to the police, took place around about three to four hours later. Panchal’s neighbours – she stayed on the top floor of a row house that belongs to her father – saw smoke coming out of her windows, and alerted her parents who stayed on the ground floor.
shraddha-panchalWhen her parents and her neighbours rushed to her room, they saw Panchal’s body buried under a pile of newspapers and clothes. They called the police who reached the crime scene around 4:30pm, and her body was sent to Cooper Hospital.
The forensic doctors from Cooper Hospital told Mumbai Mirror that there was an injury to Panchal’s forehead and her body bore signs of struggle. The doctors added that no alcoholic/psychotropic substances were found in the room. “The room is very small. They tried to burn her face after they raped and murdered her. There were scratch marks on her neck, and we believe that she was strangled twice, once with bare hands, and then with her jeans that was found wrapped around her neck. There were injuries around her anus and vagina,” said one of the forensic doctors. The victim’s viscera, finger nails, hair, jeans and a vaginal swab have been sent for chemical analysis. “We are also trying to establish whether any kind of inflammable material was used to burn her face,” the doctor added.

earlier report:

A 25-year-old doctor was found dead in her own residence in Mumbai early Tuesday morning. Sources said that the body was found in semi nude condition and investigations into the case have begun.

The doctor was identified as Shraddha Panchal, a resident of Vile Parle east. She resided with her parents in the flat. According to police sources Shraddha slept in one room while her parents in another.


On Tuesday morning they found her dead in her room. Immediately the local police was informed. The body was sent to a hospital where a post mortem is being performed. The cops however suspect a murder rather than a suicide.

A police source said that Shraddha completed a physiotherapy course a year back and was practising since than. When cops reached the house they found a pair of jeans belonging to Shraddha tied around her neck. The police thus said that Shraddha may have been strangulated to death with the pair of jeanns as there are strangulation marks on her neck. The cops are further investigating the matter and awaiting post mortem report.

shraddha-panchalThere is one CCTV camera in the vicinity which the cops are taking help to identify the accused. The cops have registered a case of murder at the Vile Parle police station.

मुंबई. विले पार्ले ईस्ट में रहने वाली एक 25 साल की महिला डॉक्टर का शव मंगलवार सुबह उनके फ्लैट में मिला है। बॉडी सेमी न्यूड हालत में थी। बॉडी पर जलने और जख्म के गहरे निशान पाए गए हैं। गले में जींस लिपटी हुई थी। इसी फ्लैट के एक कमरे में डॉक्टर के पैरेंट्स भी मौजूद थे। सोमवार रात पार्टी से लौटी थी श्रद्धा...

– विले पार्ले ईस्ट के एक फ्लैट में डॉक्टर श्रद्धा पांचाल अपने पैरेंट्स के साथ रहती थीं।

– पैरेंट्स के मुताबिक, “सोमवार रात श्रद्धा एक पार्टी से लौटी थी। वह मां से मिलीं और अपने कमरे में सोने चली गई।”
– सुबह करीब चार बजे पड़ोसियों ने आकर बताया कि श्रद्धा के कमरे से काफी धुआं निकल रहा है।
– दरवाजा खटखटाने के बाद भी नहीं खुला तो परिजनों ने उसे तोड़ दिया। बेड पर श्रद्धा की बॉडी सेमी न्यूड हालत में थी।

पैरेंट्स ने कहाकोई आवाज नहीं सुनी
– पुलिस को पैरेंट्स ने बताया कि रात में उन्होंने ऐसी कोई आवाज नहीं सुनी जिससे किसी तरह का शक हो।
– पुलिस सूत्रों के मुताबिक, ”श्रद्धा की बॉडी पर जले का निशान था और जांघों पर गहरे जख्म थे।”

– श्रद्धा ने कुछ समय पहले फिजियोथेरेपिस्ट का कोर्स पूरा किया था और एक साल से प्रैक्टिस कर रही थीं।

– श्रद्धा अपनी क्लीनिक चलाती थीं, जहां कई स्ट्रगलिंग एक्टर्स और स्पोर्ट्समैन भी आते थे।

हर एंगल से जांच कर रही है पुलिस
– डीसीपी जोन-8 वीरेंदर मिश्र ने कहा, “हम किसी भी एंगल को इग्नोर नहीं कर रहे हैं। अलग-अलग टीम इस मामले में काम कर रही है।”
– “सीसीटीवी और मोबाइल कॉल डीटेल भी निकाली गई है। उम्मीद है कि जल्द ही इस मामले में ब्रेक थ्रू मिलेगा।”
– उन्होंने कहा कि परिवार से ज्यादा पूछताछ नहीं हो पाई है। कुछ लीड्स हैं और उन्हीं को ध्यान में रखकर जांच आगे बढ़ रही है।


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