India’s first under water wedding, Maharashtrian groom exchanges ring with foreigner bride

under water wedding‘A Slovakian married a Maharashtrian in an underwater ceremony in Kerala’ is a sentence you didn’t think you’d be reading today. But it happened, and the pictures show how beautiful it was:

India witnessed its first underwater wedding in Kerala and it was nothing short of a fairly-tale.

A 23-year-old Slovakian, Eunika married her Maharashtrian fiancé Nikhil Pawar on Thursday at Grove Beach, Kerala. They dove deep into the blue Arabian sea and the wedding ceremony took place nearly 4 meters underwater.

Nikhil Pawar and Eunika Pogran
Nikhil Pawar and Eunika Pogran

Pawar works as a diver at Kovalam and hence the underwater marriage was pretty exciting for him. He told reporters after they emerged from the waters that it was a dream come true to get married undersea, while his bride Eunika said though she enjoyed it, she was a bit nervous at first.

The wedding lasted for about an hour-and-a-half and was organized by Bond Ocean Safari. The organizers said that underwater weddings are pretty popular in the West, but the concept in India remains limited to them being conducted in swimming pools. They said this one is the first ever wedding held in the sea!

Dressed in a white wedding gown, 23-year-old Eunika stood staring at the vast Arabian Sea before her at Grove Beach in Kerala’s Kovalam.


Wearing a diving gear over her gown, she stood at the beach, clutching a red rose bouquet tightly in her hand. Hand-in-hand with her fiancé Nikhil Pawar, they took the plunge into the deep blue sea.

On Thursday, Grove Beach was witness to the first underwater wedding in the country. The organizers say that though underwater weddings are popular in the West and the concept of underwater weddings in India remain limited to them conducted in a swimming pool, this one is the first ever wedding held in the sea.

Slovakian national Eunika Pogran and Maharashtrian Nikhil Pawar’s wedding ceremony played out nearly 4 meters underwater.

For Nikhil, who is a diving instructor at Bond Ocean Safari in Kovalam, coming up with the idea of an underwater wedding was instinctive.

The wedding that lasted for about an hour-and-a-half, was organized by Bond Ocean Safari, who provide diving services to tourists.

Jackson, managing partner of the firm told TNM that a special platform made of coconut palms, wood and leaves was built over the ocean for the bridal party of 10.

With the ocean and the corals as witnesses, the wedding saw a friend double up as a priest to bless the happy couple. The wedding ceremonies were held in accordance with Christian rituals, with the bride and groom taking their vows by holding up placards.

After exchanging rings and garlands made of sea shells, the priest then held up a placard, which read “You may now kiss the bride”. On cue, Eunika and Nikhil took off their mouthpieces and kissed each other.

Eunika, a graduate in political science, met Nikhil a few months ago in Kovalam. But their wedding was not the only special event that took place under water. Last Monday, when the couple went on a routine dive, Nikhil pulled out a placard with “Will you marry me” written on it.

Prior to the actual wedding, the couple underwent a two-day training for scuba diving and breath-control.

According to the organizers, no special permission is required to conduct an underwater wedding, since it is “nothing but scuba diving”.

Speaking to TNM over phone, Nikhil said that the couple will get married in a formal ceremony in Slovakia in a few weeks.

“We have always wanted to do something interesting for our wedding and Eunika readily agreed when I proposed the idea of an underwater wedding. Being a regular traveler and a diving enthusiast, she quickly learnt everything and found no issues underwater. After we first met seven months ago in Kovalam, she went back to her hometown and returned a month ago. Wedding was not in the plan then, but since we were confident of taking our relationship to the next level, we decided to take the plunge,” Nikhil smiles.

देश की पहली अंडर वॉटर वेडिंग: विदेशी लड़की को महाराष्ट्र के लड़के ने पहनाई रिंग

महाराष्ट्र के निखिल पवार ने यहां ग्रोव बीच पर स्लोवाकिया की यूनिका पोगरान के साथ अंडर वॉटर वेडिंग की।

कोवालम. महाराष्ट्र के निखिल पवार ने यहां ग्रोव बीच पर स्लोवाकिया की यूनिका पोगरान के साथ अंडर वॉटर वेडिंग की। इसे देश की पहली अंडर वॉटर वेडिंग कहा जा रहा है। तिरुअनंतपुरम में कोवालम के पास समुद्र में चार मीटर पानी के नीचे निखिल ने यूनिका को वेडिंग रिंग पहनाई। पानी के नीचे ही किया था प्रपोज…

– निखिल पवार कोलावम में डाइविंग इंस्ट्रक्टर है। जुलाई 2016 में कोवालम के बीच पर उसकी मुलाकात यूनिका से हुई।

– इन दोनों ने शादी का फैसला किया। अपनी शादी के लिए दोनों ने उसी जगह को चुना, जहां उनकी पहली बार मुलाकात हुई थी।

– अपनी शादी को स्पेशल बनाने के लिए दोनों ने अंडर वाटर वेडिंग का फैसला किया।

– निखिल ने यूनीका को पानी के भीतर ही प्रपोज किया था। तब उन्होंने एक पोस्टर पर लिखा था, “विल यू मैरी मी”।

यादगार बनाना चाहता था शादी को- निखिल

– शादी के बाद िनखिल ने कहा कि वो इस लम्हे को यादगार बनाना चाहते थे।

– निखिल बोले, “डाइविंग ही मेरा पहला पैशन है इसलिए मैंने अंडर वॉटर वेडिंग करने की सोची।”

– “ये एक सिंपल रिंग सेरेमनी वाली वेडिंग थी। लेकिन, कोरल के बैकड्रॉप और अंडरवाटर एडवेंचर ने इसे शानदार बना दिया।”

40 मिनट तक चली सेरेमनी

– इस वेडिंग का बीड़ा निखिल के इम्प्लॉयर बॉन्ड सफारी ने उठाया और ये सेरेमनी करीब 40 मिनट तक चली।

– बॉन्ड सफारी के मैनेजिंग पार्टनर जैक्सन ने बताया, “भारत में ये अपनी तरह की पहली अंडर वॉटर वेडिंग है।”

– “इस सेरेमनी के लिए हमने पानी के भीतर थोड़े बहुत अरेंजमेंट्स, जैसे कोकोनट पाम ट्री और फूलों के इंतजाम किए थे। लेकिन, बाकी सबकुछ पूरी तरह से नैचुरल था।”

– इस वेडिंग के लिए निखिल और यूनिका ने दो दिन ट्रेनिंग भी की। वेडिंग के बाद मेहमानों के लिए किनारे पर एक पार्टी भी रखी गई।

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