First girl in world to take revenge against BF on social media, creates fake ID of BF and posts his nude and intimate photos

fakeFor the first in the history of cyber world a girl has created fake ID of BF and posts his nude and intimate photos on social media to take revenge against BF. Interestingly till date such nefarious acts are committed by only males. In this way the girl has created a history of sort.

Women are biggest victims of cyber-revenges but tables seem to be slowly turning. A Vadodara based youth was mortified when he came across his fake Facebook profile with many of his objectionable pictures like taking a shower at a hotel posted on the social media account.

The youth had broken up with his girlfriend recently and suspects that she may have posted his ‘exposing’ pics to avenge the break-up. While the youth has not reported the case with the local police, he along with his family approached few legal firms specializing in cyber laws in Ahmedabad to explore possible remedial action in the case including blocking the account, said sources.

Interestingly, the boy, who has had a string of relationships, has named a few girls as suspects on the basis of the photographs posted online. The case was discussed on sidelines of an awareness campaign organized by city crime branch to mark Safer Internet Day celebrated worldwide on February 7 underlining that both sexes are vulnerable in cyber space. Officials said that out of 300-odd applications received by local cyber cell, around 40% concern with a girl or woman being targeted online by putting her personal information such as phone number on cyber space, making her fake profile with morphed pictures or harassing stalking online.


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