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SUDESH KUMAR MEHAR (second from left) AND DILIP VERMA –“TASAVVUR RAIPURI” extreme right at the time of release of books at Raipur.

IMG-20170208-WA0057 IMG-20170209-WA0029Sudesh Kumar Mehar is a pleasantly known name in the world of Hindi/Urdu shayari. He has already published two Ghazal collections – “Bhool jana tujhe asaan nahi” and “Suniksha”.He has recently published his third collection – “Use keh to dun”.

He has emerged as an empowered voice and in each Ghazal, he has maintained his splendor and personal growth. One can feel the warmth of life through his words.

Mehar understands that in the end, a poetry that’s close to life only that can survive.

One such beautiful couplet by Mehar is,

Ladakpan ki haseen dilkash dagar ka,

Hamara pyaar tha pehli nazar ka..

(It was a love at first sight while walking through the path of adolescence)

Mehar also writes shayari that paints a beautiful picture of having warm tea in the pink winters of December. This sher is a masterstroke of modern shayari–

Khol to zara panna phir kisi December ka,

Chai ki kahin par kuch chuskiyan chupi hongi..

These thoughts reflect various colors of the shayar’s soul-

Dilon se kooch kar jaaye, chali jaaye mohabbat jab,

Ye bheed se bhare raaste bahut sunsaan lagte hain..

(When your love leaves you, everything appears empty, even a crowded road seems lonely)

Nacha kunba, nache log,

Bargad khansa saari raat..

(The entire family is lost in its own fun while no one pays attention to that lonely eldest family member)

Apne me hi ghum rehti hai,

Hai kitni shehari tanhayi..

(The loneliness of a city is lost in itself, people are lost in themselves)

Paanv sar par kisi ke rakhna, aur,

Duniya me kamyaab ho jana..

(People these days don’t hesitate to put others down just to succeed in the so called competition)

Jhadu poncha reh gaye ab haanth me,

Peeth par unki koi basta nahi..

(In the age where a child should be going to school, he instead became a child labor)

Jo jise mil gaya wo wahi kha gaya,

Kursiyon par yahan bhookhmare aa gaye..

(This is a sarcasm at corrupt people who sit at the throne of power and eat the system from within)

Geet main pyaar ke likh raha tha magar,

Bhookh ke pyaas ke antare aa gaye..

(I began to write about love but the harsh realities of life like hunger broke my thoughts)

Baad muddat laga unhe milkar,

Aag kuch raakh me dabi si hai..

(Love never dies, meeting after ages brought back all those memories)

Whether, Mehar has crossed the path of love or not, we are not sure but there’s surely a face that peers out of his words. The Ghazals by Sudesh Kumar Mehar are a perfect combination of essence of love and reality of life. One can see the truth of life in most of his thoughts.


 The history of Ghazal writing dates back to 800 BC. The form is ancient, originated in Arabic poetry which was soon adopted by Persian and Urdu.

It has recently become one of the most popular poetic forms in Hindi. Most importantly it’s not just restricted around themes of love and separation. Though the traditional poets’ work revolved around expression of love, those who could see Ghazal as an expression of life were able to take this poetic form to greater heights.

An emerging Shayar from Chhattisgarh, Dilip Kumar Verma “Tasavvur Raipuri” is catching eyes. He has been writing Hindi/Urdu shayari since a while but his first Ghazal collection, “Gulshan-e-Naugul” has recently caught everyone’s attention.

At the first glance, you might mistake his work to be restricted to love but as you dig deeper you’ll find his Ghazals to be more modern, more life-reflecting.

On the one hand he says,

Kaleje se lagaa rakkha hai khat uskaa,

Likhaa aakhir mein usne aapaki apni..

(A man has put that letter near to his heart in which his beloved has written only yours at the end of letter)

Tasavvur men teri khushboo mili hai,

Tujhe chhookar abhi hi wo chali hai..

(Wind has touched her and brought fragrance even in dreams of her lover)

On the other hand, he says,

Bhookh ko kyun sataaye hum,

Aaj roti kamaaein hum..

(why should we trouble our hunger, now earn some bread)

Or he says

 Khudkushiki baatein aam lagti hain ab,

Roz khabaron mein to kuchh masala hogaa..

(News of suicide is a normal and non considerable news in news print)

Also look at this sher,

Jism se jaan nikal gayi,

Ret haathon se fisal gayi..

(The soul departs from the body as sand slips away from the hands)

Poetry should reflect the truth of life. If literature cannot depict a man’s pain in life, it can not be truly considered literature. Dilip uses small meter in his Ghazal which is tough to negotiate with appropriate radeef and qaafiya and he can do it immaculately.

Dilip’s every Ghazal has a different charm to it and he doesn’t repeat his work. Each Ghazal tells a different story. This sher talks about today’s commercial world-

Kho gaye hai sabhi ye asar kyaa huaa,

Keh raha tha jise humsafar kya hua..

(What happened to everyone who have disappeared, what happened to them who I thought were my companions)

Dilip’s Ghazals are uniquely special because these have also been sung by several Ghazal singers.Dilip Ji’s Ghazals have the sophistication and tradition of Urdu. A Ghazal is incomplete without rhyme in the same meter and Dilip has taken care of it across all his Ghazals.










A memorable evening, “mehfil-e-ghazal” with renowned

Ghazal singer Rajesh Keshri



An evening of enchanting Ghazals was organized by Basant Timothy Memorial Musical Foundation and ‘Divine K3’ recently in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. This was the first such event in the history of Chhattisgarh where Ghazal composer-singer Rajesh Keshri and emerging Shayars Dilip “Tasavvur Raipuri” and Sudesh Mehar were launched together. Rajesh Keshri composed five Ghazals of each Shayar and presented before the audience. The composition of Ghazals were purely based on classical ragas and were displayed in traditional style of Ghazal singing.


Rajesh Keshri sang following Ghazals of Dilip “Tasavvur Raipuri”:

  • Jab karna ho iqraar-e-mohabbat…
  • Ae waahid chaand tu to zara saath mere chalna…
  • Ishq jo kariyo kabhi, hamsa mat baniyo kabhi…
  • Haaye re humne kyun pyaar kiya…
  • Nain milaaye, nain churaaye…


Sudesh Mehar’s following Ghazals were sung by Rajesh Keshari:

  • Use keh to doon ke who noor hai…
  • Bachpan ki haseen dilkash nazar ka…
  • Khatta meetha khara chaand…
  • Naa sukhan mera kabhi taulna…
  • Kisi gali se rishta nahi badalte hum…



  1. Very nice. Its really good attempt by bogh shayars.
    We would like to see their ghazals in your website.
    Pl. ask them to share some ghazals.

    1. Thanx for comment. their names will be included soon in directory “Urdu poets and writers of India by Muslim Saleem”

      Muslim Saleem

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