Water transportation to begin in 100 km distance in Narmada river

Liquor shops to be closed down after March 31

Vehicles to be used for illegal excavation to be confiscated

CM at Jan Samvad programme in village Mohipura of Badwani district 

lead16.2.17Bhopal, February 16, 2017 (Muslim Saleem):   Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that water transportation will be started in 100 km distance in Narmada River. He said that liquor shops located in five km radius from Narmada banks will be closed down after March 31. Mr. Chouhan said that vehicles to be used for illegal sand excavation will be confiscated now. Mr. Chouhan was addressing Jan Samvad programme in village Mohipura of Badwani district today during Namami Devi Narmade Seva Yatra. With his wife, he received the yatra and welcomed the Yatris.   The Chief Minister felicitated Miss Neha Parvin, who arrived from Chhattisgarh. The girl of Bohra community is participating in the Yatra along with her society people, taking the ‘Dhwaj’ and ‘Kalash’.  Animal Husbandry and Environment Minister, Mr. Antar Singh Arya, Member of Parliament Mr. Subhash Patel, Chairman of Scheduled Caste Commission and Yatra in-charge, Mr. Bhupendra Arya, water expert from Maharashtra Mr. Suresh Khatapurkar, Dr. Subodh Sharma of Nepal, MLA Mr. Devi Singh Patel, citizens and public representatives were present in the programme.

Underlining the importance of Narmada river, Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan said that the Narmada river is heart line of the country. This is life stream of culture. Many civilizations and cultures originated on the banks of the river. Mother Narmada covers 1000 km distance after originating from Amarkantak and till its culmination in the Arabian Sea. 39 rivers out of its 41 tributaries are in borders of Madhya Pradesh. Around 30 percent population of Madhya Pradesh resides on the banks of this river.

He said that’s why it is responsibility of all that we protect the mother Narmada and make it pollution-free with its expansion and conserve it for next generation. CM said that the Yatra, aiming at protection and cleanliness of the river has now become a public movement. The efforts to convey importance of trees are becoming successful. People now understand that we should not defecate in open and adopt ‘save girl-educate them’ theme. Mr. Chouhan said that plantation on both sides of the river will not only clean the air but it will give source of additional income.

He said that resolution for prohibition administered in Jan Samvad programme, has wide impact. Decision has been taken to ban plastic bags. Mr. Chouhan said that Rs 20,000 per hectare grant for three years and 40 percent assistance in cost will be given for plantation on farmers’ land in one km distance from the river’s bank. He said that like milk route, fruit routes will be developed and the government will provide subsidy for this. The Chief Minister said that water is being supplied to every farm of farmers in Badwani district through canal.

He said that Badwani district will become ‘Bagwani’ district further. The Chief Minister participated in the yatra in Mohipura before this programme and performed Maha-Aarti on the mother Narmada’s bank. Chairman of Mineral Development Corporation Mr. Shiv Chobey also addressed the programme.   The Yatra was resumed from village Lohara of Badwani district today and reached Mohipura, passing through Kirmohi, Keshavpura and other villages. People welcomed the Yatra by showering flowers.

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