Adopting good qualities makes a person noble

Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan teaches children importance of language

CM reaches his middle school during Mil-Banche programme

lead19.2.17Bhopal, February 19, 2017 (Muslim Saleem):  Students of Government Sanjay Gandhi Middle School had the opportunity to learn their lesson through poems, maths and enjoyed listening to educative stories with morals when the Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached the school as a teacher on Saturday. He not only narrated inspiring stories but also solved their problems in Mathematics. Through his teaching he not only generated a feeling of confidence among the students but also the energy and enthusiasm to do the best in life. He taught them the lesson of how to become devoted to the nation and grow up as responsible citizens. Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan spent nearly one and a half hour teaching the children. He mixed up easily with the children and gave them big lessons through his small examples which generated enthusiasm among them. Mr. Chouhan reached the school and played the role of a teacher brilliantly under the statewide Mil-Banche Campaign, so as to create understanding and will among the children to study earnestly.

The Government Sanjay Gandhi Middle School is the same school where Mr. Chouhan attained education from Class VI to VIII. Inspiring the students, the Chief Minister said that adopting good qualities in one’s life make you a great and a noble person.  Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan told the children that education is the most effective medium to keep one’s point with utmost understanding and in an impressive manner. He explained the importance of one’s hold on language and education in building one’s life through examples of his own student life.

He not only told the children about the importance of obeying one’s guru but also narrated the story of Aaruni’s gurubhakti and inspiring incidents related to Chandrashekhar Azad who laid down his life for the country. He told to the children inspiring incidents related to the life of Mahatma Gandhi and Yudhishthir who are known to have always followed the path of truth.  Chief Minister made the children read out stories from their textbooks and discussed the morals behind it.

He filled the children with the emotions of love for the country through ‘Pushpa ki Abhilasha’. He reminded them about the freedom fighters who struggled for the independence of the country and the martyrs who laid down their lives in the process. He inspired them to construct the India of their dreams. Mr. Chouhan explained to the children how confidence was the basis of one’s personality.

Never hesitate to tell the truth. The Chief Minister also had a question-answer session with the children. He encouraged them to respect one’s elders, parents and gurus. He stressed on the need to make continuous efforts to overcome one’s weakness. Citing his own example he told the children how he feared the subject Mathematics. He said that he spoke very slowly. He expressed his gratitude to his teachers who helped him overcome his shortcomings.

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