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Chief secretary teaches students in Khoha village of Sanchi block

   cs19.2.17Bhopal, February 19, 2017 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  Chief Secretary Mr. B.P. Singh taught students of Class VIII of Government Middle School in Khoha village of Sanchi block in Raisen District under the ‘Mil-Banche’ programme. The Chief Secretary asked the students questions related to their career. Mr. Singh asked the students to read lessons from their textbooks and corrected the mistakes in their pronunciation. He told the children that they should pronounce words correctly. They could correct their pronunciation through repeated reading and speaking. Mr. Singh asked Shekhar, Vishal Singh and Anjali Meena to read the chapters ‘Yachak aur Data’ and Gita-Mantra. The Chief Secretary said to the children that this is the right time when they can decide their direction and objective. If they pursue their target through hard work they were sure to succeed. He said to the children that they had the capacity and they could be what they want to be for which they will have to do hard work. He asked the children to keep themselves updated by developing the habit of reading newspapers and watching news channels.

Mr. Singh said to the children that it took very long to build one’s character but it took only a few moments to destroy it. Hence, always keep in mind that one should not do any such thing that could destroy one’s character. The Chief Secretary said that every person should connect to the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme. Those who are connected with the programme are connected of their own accord.

He said that the feedback of the programme received from the schools will prove to be useful for schemes in future. He said there is need to inspire children today. People connected to the education system are doing the most important work of the country. This is a work of nation-building which should be carried out with full dedication.

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