How and when leaked MMS of Rakhi Sawant was shot, who is culprit?

Rakhi-Sawant’s-leaked-MMS-video-goes-viral-Well, this time round, Rakhi Sawant seems to have done it again! A video of Rakhi Sawant in a two piece has gone viral, which also has her changing costumes in it, which is nothing but a hot and skin tight pant with her cleavage in full display! While the origin and the source of the video is yet to be identified, all that we can say is that, Rakhi Sawant has got yet another reason to be in the news and spotlight. One cannot even say for sure of this is her latest video or a dated one!

This question remains as to how and when leaked MMS of Rakhi Sawant was shot and who is the culprit?

Often referred to as controversy’s favorite child, Rakhi Sawant never ever leaves any opportunity to take the spotlight. She often made news for her antics and also her dare bare attitude. Testimonies to this are in the form of her ‘boyfriend’ proposing her in front of the cameras, her swayamvar on a TV show and then, exposing that show’s makers had paid her to do so, or more recently, calling a press conference to ban ceiling fans in lieu of the TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s untimely death. Recently, Rakhi Sawant made national news by wearing a ‘customized dress’ which had the photographs of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at objectionable places.

On the films front, Rakhi Sawant was recently seen in Ek Kahaani Julie Ki, which was based on the infamous Sheena Bora murder mystery. The film saw Rakhi playing the character of Indrani Mukherjea.

मुंबई.कॉन्ट्रोवर्सीज के लिए फेमस राखी सावंत का एक एमएमएस वीडियो लीक हुआ है, जो इंटरनेट पर वायरल हो रहा है। यह वीडियो कहां का है और कैसे मीडिया में आया? इस बात पर संशय है। लेकिन इसमें राखी कपड़े चेंज करती नजर आ रही हैं। बता दें कि ‘बिग बॉस 1’ की कंटेस्टेंट रहीं राखी को आखिरी बार फिल्म ‘एक कहानी जूली की’ में देखा गया था। यह शीना बोरा मर्डर केस पर बेस्ड फिल्म थी।


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