Man killed by wife as he forced wife to sleep with others

murderDalhi. A woman killed her husband as he forced her to get intimate with her brother and used to ‘supervise’ the act because he wanted a son to take the lineage and his family business forward. The woman and her brother and have been arrested.

The obsession was such that when his wife resisted, he beat her up, threatened to get her gangraped and sell her off to a brothel. The man, a father to a daughter even forced her to undergo a series of abortions.

She claimed she bore it all for a year. However, on Sunday, her patience ran out and she hatched a plan to kill her husband. That night, she allegedly spiked his dinner with sleeping pills and when he fell asleep, she strangled him.

The next morning she called the police and told them that her husband has been murdered. “It was a blind case. We received a call from the woman saying that her husband has been murdered. She was crying. To avert arrest she even concocted a story. She told us that two guests had come to visit her husband and they had a party after which they all slept in one room, while she slept in another room. She said that when she woke up the next morning, she saw that the room was locked from outside. When she opened the door, she found her husband dead on the bed and the two guests were missing,” an investigator said.

The police initially kept looking for the guests but could not get any clue. During investigation, the police then accessed the CCTV footage from the area that showed a man, who was limping, leaving the woman’s house at 3am.

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“Further investigations revealed that the man, who was seen leaving the house, was the woman’s brother. When we confronted her with the footage, she broke down and narrated how she and her brother had hatched a plan to kill her husband. Following her statement, we arrested the woman and her brother was also apprehended,” a police officer said.

During questioning the woman revealed shocking details of her relationship with her husband. She told the police that she got married to the man 18 years ago. A few years after marriage, her husband started demanding a baby boy. The woman first gave birth to a girl who died four years later as she was malnourished. Following that she was forced to undergo an abortion several times.


Man, father to a daughter, wants a male child to take his family business forward

Makes his wife abort several female foetuses

Forces her to sleep with her own brother every night for a year

Supervises the act so that they don’t cheat him

On Sunday, woman and brother hatch a plan to kill him

She laces his food with sleeping pills and strangles him at night

Calls the cops the next morning saying her husband has been murdered

“Whenever the man found that his wife has a baby girl in her womb, he got her aborted. The woman then gave birth to a baby girl in 2010. As he grew desperate, he allegedly started threatening and mentally torturing his wife. She alleged that he often beat her up and questioned her character. She alleged that each night he would force her to get intimate with her brother and made sure he supervised the act to ensure that they were not fooling him,” a police officer said.

The woman told the police that her brother worked for her husband and he had also given him a loan. Apart from torturing his wife, he allegedly even threatened to fire him from the job. “She said that he threatened to fire her brother from the job if he did not repay the loan or get intimate with her and give him a son,” a police officer said.

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