Efforts will be made to revive bio-diversity located near Narmada river

Similar campaigns will be launched for Kshipra, Tapti and Betwa Rivers

CM Mr. Chouhan in Jan Samvad in village Boras of Raisen

Mr. Hosbole, Mr. Sushil Doshi, Mr. Vimalanand and Mr. Talat Aziz lauded Yatra 

cm5.4.17Bhopal, April 5, 2017 (Ataullah Faizan):  Sant Swami Vimlanand Maharaj of Anand Marg, Famous Cricket Commentator Mr. Sushil Doshi and well known Ghazal Singer Mr. Talat Aziz have termed the Narmada Seva Yatra campaign as welcoming and important step in Jan-Samvad programme of ‘Namami Devi Narmade’ Seva Yatra held at Bouras Ghat situated at Narmada bank of Raisen district. These renowned personalities of their own fields have praised efforts of the Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan for conducting Narmada conservation campaign. Sarkaryavah of R.S.S Mr. Dattatray Hosbole said that the yatar has created an atmosphere of hope and trust among the people for river conservation.  Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan said that earlier grass of special species was available on Narmada river’s banks which was used for animal feed. This was the special example of bio diversity of the state. State government will take necessary steps to revive this specialty.

Mr. Chouhan said that Narmada protection has become a campaign in Madhya Pradesh thanks to public support. Similar campaigns will be launched for Kshipra, Tapti and Betwa river conservation. Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Narmada Seva Yatra is a multi-purpose and multi-utility yatra. This Yatra has been started with positive messages. Till completion of the Yatra, its utility will be understood by masses.  Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan called upon common people that they should ensure their participation in plantation programme in one km stretch from Narmada shore on July 2 from Amarkantak to Badwani.

It would ensure forest-fed water to Narmada in coming years. Mr. Chouhan said that 30 percent work of irrigation from Narmada river has been possible. Madhya Pradesh has been ahead in wheat production in Punjab and Haryana. Mr. Chouhan said that Narmada does not originate from glaciers but its constant flow is because of water collected by dense trees in rainy season. Chief Minister said that to make always clean Narmada river, has been necessary. Life of people of the state depends on it. To make solid and serious efforts for saving mother Narmada, supplying drinking water to around 55 cities has been necessary.

The government cannot do it alone. All people of the society will have to come forward and contribute in it. He said that Narmada Seva mission will continue to work after completion of Narmada Seva Yatra.  Narmada Seva Samitis have been formed in populated areas of Narmada shores. The government will be supporting role in the samitis. Sar Karyavah of R.S.S. Mr. Duttatray Hosbole said that Narmada seva yatra has created an atmosphere of hope and trust among the people for river conservation. Narmada river is a foundation of physical life and an inspirational source of spiritual life. Service to Narmada is like a service to mother.

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