All should have active participation in state’s development and social change

Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan in Bhagwat Katha at Obedullaganj 

lead14.4.17Bhopal, April 14, 2017 (Muslim Saleem):  Our saints have told that public welfare and attaining God is only aim of human life. They informed the three ways – one is knowledge, another is devotion and third is karma. I would continue to work for welfare and total development of people throughout life, adopting path of karma. Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said this in Bhagwat Katha being recited by famous Sadhvi Astha Bharati in Obedullaganj.  He said that being Chief Minister, my work is not limited to state’s development, but to have concern for people’s happiness and welfare. I would continue to work for people’s betterment and progress lifelong. Mr. Chouhan said that meaning of attaining the God by adopting path of karma is that doctor, engineer, teacher, trader, politician etc. all people who are in the profession particular, should honestly and dedicatedly work for public welfare. The God can be attained by this way of karma. He said that we will have to protect rivers and environment for next generation and their happy future.  Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan said that Narmada Seva Abhiyan is a multi-purpose campaign, which will be made successful by active participation of public.

He said that intensive plantation will be made on both side of Narmada in one km distance from shores. Mr. Chouhan said that lakhs of people would plant saplings on July 2 at Narmada shores. He said that action plan is being made to prevent polluted water going in Narmada river. Toilets and Muktidham are being constructed in all villages on Narmada’s shores. Changing rooms will be constructed on ghats so that women and girls, arriving for bathing at Narmada ghats can change clothes with dignity.

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