Why this couple paraded naked throughout city and beaten mercilessly

nakedA young couple was brutally beaten and paraded naked in a village in Rajasthan after they had eloped. The woman was reportedly sexually assaulted and tortured with a stick.

After the video of the attack went viral the police arrested 18 people, including the fathers of the victims.

No one from the village in Banswara district had complained of the complained but the police acted after one of the assault videos came of the knowlegde of a senior officer.

People who have been arrested by the police have been charged with attempt to murder, rape and illegal confinement.

The couple had eloped to neghbouring state of Gujarat on March 22 as they were cousins and their relationship wasn’t acceptable to the tribal community they belong to.

They were traced and brought back to the village where, earlier this week, they were assaulted and publicly humiliated by being paraded naked in the village.

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