Man hangs 11-month old daughter to death, shows it live on social media

hangedWuttisan Wongtalay was on the top of the building with his 11-month-old daughter before beginning a Facebook live stream.

The horrifying footage showed the 20-year-old Wuttisan Wongtalay tying a noose around his daughter Natalie’s neck before dropping the child, from the rooftop of an abandoned building in Phuket.

The father then climbs down the side of the building to retrieve the dying infant’s body before hanging himself.

The little girl’s mother saw the video on Facebook live and called the police but sadly her little girl could not be saved.

The murder-suicide was the father in retaliation of his girlfriend Jiranuch Trirat leaving him. He also had accused Jiranuch of cheating on him.  The harrowing video was taken down by Facebook after the police’s request.

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