Illegal slaughter houses will not be allowed

State guest status to Acharya Mr. of Mohankheda Teerth

CM Mr. Chouhan at Acharya Pad Pattabhishek Maha Mahotsav 

lead8.5.17Bhopal, May 8, 2017 (Muslim Saleem):  Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan took part in ‘ Acharya Pad Pattabhishek Maha Mahotsav’ programme of Jyotish Samrat and Rishabh Chandravijay Ji Vidhyarthi at Mohankheda of Dhar district. Mr. Chouhan presented Kambli to Acharya Mr. and took his blessings on the occasion. CM Mr. Chouhan sought Acharya Shri’s blessings for wisdom, to follow the virtuous path beside strength to work for people’s welfare. He mentioned that Akhand Vrat is observed in Mohankheda for service to human beings. Special ventures are being implemented here for education, culture, medical, water conservation, gou-seva and for the welfare of distressed and underprivileged persons. Moreover, Mr. Chouhan mentioned that a grand campaign is being condcuted for conservation of rivers, environment, water and to save the girls through ‘ Namami Devi Narmade’. Universe could not function without girls. We cannot think of tommorrow without daughters ‘Betiyan Hain to Kal Hai’.  Mr. Chouhan said that Jain Dharm has given us a basic principle of ‘Jiyo Aur Jeene Do’ (Live and Let Live). Mercy towards living beings and a message of non-voilence have been given by the Jain dharm. He mentioned that no illegal slaughter house will be allowed to run in the state.  CM Mr. Chouhan said that a status of state guest will be given to Acharya Mr. Rishabhchandra Vijay Ji. He urged Acharya Mr. to conduct a tour of the entire state and spread the ventures among the masses being conducted by Mohankheda Teerth for service to mankind.

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