Chudail seen in Indian village, video goes viral

chudailWe have all watched enough Bollywood movies in our lives to know that on our way to some place at night, if we come across a strange looking woman or a child, dressed in white, looking at your with piercing eyes, we should run in the opposite direction clutching our life. Yes, the ‘churail’ or banshee or witch (call it what you will) has been made immortal in movies for sure, but what would you do if you come across one in real life? Would you run away or would you cast aspersions on its true origins on social media, with pictures and all?

Well, it seems Faakhir Mehmood, a popular Pakistani singer, put up a photo of a ‘churail’ who was apparently spotted in Pakistan’s Hyderabad on Facebook with the caption “Can someone verify? The supposed picture of CHURAIL captured by many people in the middle of the night in Hyderabad.”

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