Lady teacher has sex with much younger student with help of her husband

sexA female teacher who had sex with her male pupil with her husband”s assistance has been jailed in Ohio in United States. Jessica Storer, aged 29, had sex with her student after her husband Derrick got him drunk at their home. She had sexual intercourse with the 18-year-old after the pair invited him and other youngsters to their house.

The teacher has been jailed for two years after she pleaded guilty to her crime in a previous hearing.

The letter written by the victim was read out in the court which said he had since that fateful day had thoughts of killing himself several times.

I should have been able to trust her. I;m trying to get my life together, he wrote.

In her defence Jessica said the boy had helped himself to alcohol at her home and that the sexual relationship him was a one-time thing.

Jessica claimed the boy was not drunk but the prosecutor told a previous hearing that she engaged in sexual intercourse with the student while he was still under the influence of alcohol.

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