4 of 8 car passengers beaten to death mercilessly on allegation of child lifting

murderIn Rajnagar about 40 km from Jamshedpur, four people were mercilessly beaten to death after they were accused of being child kidnappers.

Tensions in Rajnagar arose when rumours began to fly that kidnappers had entered the village with the nefarious intension.

The locals revealed that about eight people reached Shobhapur village on Thursday morning at 3 am on Indica and Xylo cars.

People aboard Xylo escaped from the village, while 4 people in the Indica car left the car and hid around.

Angry locals set fire to the vehicle of station in-charge Tileshwar Kushwaha, who had reached the spot. Five other policemen were also injured. Tensions still run high in the area since the incident. Police forces have been deployed on the orders of SP Rakesh Bansal.


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