Why this woman was forced to go naked on airport?

nakedA 26-year-old Australian woman who had planned a 90-day long vacation in the State of Hawaii to spend with her US born boyfriend, was in for a shock when she was illegally detained at the Honolulu airport. Molly Hill was pulled aside by custom officers the moment she landed at the airport after they suspected she was planning to illegally migrate into the States with her 90-day visa.

Molly Hill who was grilled for 6 long hours at the airport was later asked to strip completely naked in front of the officers and asked to squat and cough before checking the soles of her feet and her mouth. Without any hard evidence except for her diary notes and scribbles, she was immediately thrown into prison.

I was in shock& I was in an interview room from 9.30am until 4.30pm. I was told to stand completely naked, they went through my hair, I showed them the soles of my feet and my mouth and then they asked me to squat and cough, stated Molly.

It was extremely violating. It happened within five minutes of arriving. I was struggling to understand what was happening to me.

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