Husband slaps wife, she burns her with acid

acidIn Madhya Pradesh’ Khargone a woman angered after being slapped burnt her husband with acid after murdering him by smashing his head with a brick. Police said the body of the victim, Ramsingh Chauhan, was found inside is house, where is appeared there had been a struggle.

As per the cops, the victim’s head had been smashed with a heavy object and acid was poured over his body. During interrogation, the wife first denied killing her husband but later admitted to the brutal murder.

Accused Sunita told police that an argument broke between the two at around 10 pm soon after which Ramsingh left the house in anger to return at 2 am and started hurling abuses at her before slapping her twice.

This enraged the woman who struck her husband’s head with a heavy object and continued to struck him before dousing acid all over his body

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