Road safety depends on careful driving

Seminar on “Road safety and transport management” concluded in PTRI

transport23.5.17Bhopal, May 23, 2017 (Ataullah Faizan):  Roads are arteries of city; it is must to keep them clear. City comes to standstill when roads get jammed. Chief Security Commissioner Delhi Metro Corporation Mr. Mukul Upadhyaya said this on second day of seminar on “Road Safety and Transport Management” held at Police Training and Research Institute. He further mentioned that a person should drive vehicle considering others ignorant. Road accidents will decline if driver drives vehicle himself carefully. Mr. Upadhyaya mentioned that health check up of vehicles is must from time to time. Sometimes not getting vehicle serviced for long time becomes a reason for accident. There is a need to control the number of vehicles. He said that permission to purchase vehicle is not given in Singapore if there is no place for parking at home. New rules should be enacted for traffic management. Pedestrians besides rickshaw drivers and others should be brought under its ambit. Moreover, Mr. Upadhyaya said that 25 to 30 percent crime are caused by motor vehicle including vehicle theft and quarrel due to accident besides parking. He said that roads are being utilised in other countries by people and vehicles whereas in our country it is used for parking, street vendors etc. He informed that a new Act will be introduced soon.

Under the Act, helmet is being made compulsory for children over 4 years of age and women. Strict provisions will be made in the Act. Challans will be issued on breaking traffic signals and to go beyond the stop line. Licenses of persons violating traffic rules will be suspended for three months. Furthermore, Mr. Upadhyaya informed that use of technology will become more to such an extent in future that vehilce will not start sensing alcohol smell through sensors, moreover the vehcile will not start if driver does not use seat belt. He mentioned that police are meant for revenue collection. Police is responsible for compliance of traffic rules besides action against persons violating traffic rules. He further stated that people should abide rules religiously. People violate rules due to ignorance. Motor Vehicle Act is for all, he added.

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