Unique campaign to conserve Dumil river at Tumda village

Thousands offer shramdaan to begin water conservation work

CM Mr. Chouhan gives Rs 60 lakhs for conservation work

cmtumda23.5.17Bhopal, May 23, 2017 (Muslim Saleem):  The work of river conservation to conserve and deepen Dumil river flowing from Tumda village 15 kilometres from Bhopal-Indore national highway under Phanda development block, began here today with shramdaan by thousands of villagers along with Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Vinay Sahsrabuddhe, Bhopal MP Mr. Alok Sanjar and MLA Mr. Rameshwar Sharma. The population of Tumda is about 7,000. With the water level of water of Dumil river increasing after the widening and deepening work, adequate water will be available for animals. Villagers of Tumda acquire water for drinking and other work through borewell. On the occasion Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said that participation by the general public is important for development. Until and unless all sections of the society do not support the rural areas cannot be developed through only government resources. He said that it is clear from the local people’s participation in the river conservation work that common man is coming forward to conserve water. Mr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said that the centre and the state government has implemented various schemes for basic changes in the lives of people in the last three years.

MP Mr. Alok Sanjar said that the work of river conservation through shramdaan is the beginning of a new creation with a new initiative. Shramdaan is a pious way to save rivers.  MLA Mr. Rameshwar Sharma said that now the time has come that we understand the value of water. Now every individual must make efforts to save water. The campaign that has been started to save this river will not only increase the water level but will also ensure that water remains available after monsoon for nistar and other needs. Mr. Sharma said that Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan has approved Rs 60 lakh for conservation of Dumil river. Apart from deepening, a stop dam will also be constructed over the river and the old stop dam will be repaired. Mr. Sharma said that saplings of shady trees would be planted on both the banks of the river on coming July 6.

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