Police officer’s son murders mother over pocket money

murderThe wife of a Mumbai police officer who investigated the high-profile Sheena Bora murder case was found stabbed to death early on Wednesday, and police said they suspected the couple’s 21-year-old son.

Dnyeshwar Ganore found his wife with multiple stab wounds in their home at Vakola at about 1am on Wednesday, and a smiley was drawn in her blood next to her body with the words; “Tired of her. Catch me and hang me”. Police believe the message was written by their son Siddhanth, who is missing.

According to police, Siddhanth was repeatedly admonished by his mother over his grades of late and she had refused to give him pocket money.

He may have stabbed her in the neck in a fit of rage on Tuesday night, said a source.

“She has four to five stab injuries,” said a police officer who inspected the body.

Siddhanth, police said, had dropped out of an engineering course and was studying at National College.

His friends said that he had been keeping aloof for the last two months, and avoided social media platforms.

The murder came to light when Dnyeshwar returned home at about 11pm from work, and found the door locked. He told police that he waited outside for two hours, assuming that the mother-son duo had gone out.

“Around 1am, Ganore spotted the keys to his house in the dustbin kept outside the door. He went inside and found his wife in pool of blood in the bedroom,” a Mumbai police officer said.

The Vakola police was alerted and a team immediately rushed to the spot.

Dipali was taken to VN Desai hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.

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