She refused to sleep with boss who murdered and set her ablaze

murderA 21-year-old was brutally stabbed in Indore on Monday. She was then strangulated and set ablaze. Seeing the smoke coming out of the room, the neighbours broke open the locked door and found a blood-soaked and half-burnt body.

Monu alias Yovatkala, who was brutally murdered in her own room, had come to work in Ujjain but left due to non-payment of her salary. She called her former boss that cost her life.

Stabbed, strangulated and set ablaze, the 21-year-old Monu alias Yovatkala was brutally murdered in her own room, had just arrived in Pancham Ki Fail in Indore 5 days ago and living with a roommate named Kusum.

ASP Manoj Rai told that Monu was called from Balaghat a few months ago by her uncle’s son Suresh. He was working as a marketing agent a multi-trading company in Ujjain – Glazed Trading India Pvt. She started working in the same company but her boss Golu did not pay her and she left Ujjain.

After her roommate Kusum told the police about a meeting with Golu, the police tracked him down.

Golu told the police that Monu alias Yovatkala wanted her remaining salary. He came to Indore and both went to Meghdoot Garden. Soon after they returned to her room, he asked her to sleep with him but she resisted. Angry Golu took a knife and brutally attacked Monu. He then strangulated her and set her bosy ablaze.

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