Viral video claims that world will end on May 31, 2017

qayamatNew Delhi :  Doomsday fear has once again cropped up with a viral YouTube video claiming that the end of the world is just a week away, precisely on May 31, 2017. The video has been titled ‘End of The World-Something Big Will Happen On Earth May 31, 2017.’ The clip has gone viral and has received more than 1.25 million views since October 31, 2016.

In the recent days, the video has gained some steam because of the headlines such as “The world’s going to end in a massive earthquake on May 31” reported by popular international media like Metro UK.

The group in the video has claimed that the world will witness doomsday as a result of a series of natural disasters across the world.

Four major earthquakes took place in Italy earlier this year leading to many casualties. According to scientists, a super volcano can erupt anytime in Italy. Also, the Hekla Volcano can also erupt any time in Iceland.

The site asks, “There’s never been so many earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Does this mean the world will end soon?”

So, is the world really going to end on May 31? Probably not, given the fact that since time immemorial, human beings have been predicting doomsday, but it never happened.

Horacio Villegas had guessed the date of Doomsday on May 13.

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