Man murders wife as demand for motorcycle not fulfilled

murderKashi: This is the story of a brother”s never- ending quest for justice for his sister. He posted four photographs that show injury marks on her throat. The family has accused her in-laws of torturing their daughter for dowry.

So far, the post has been shared by 10,000 people. Sister had said that husband was demanding a Royal Enfield bike.

The brother of the deceased, Shivam, told our mother brand that on 31 January 2013 his sister married Mohit who operated a general store. On 29 April, his niece turned three and his sister had send two pictures on WhatsApp.

The next day in the afternoon the news of her death by hanging reached them. His sister had revealed that her husband had been demanding a Royal Enfield.

Shivam questions that if his sister committed suicide then why didn’t she left a note. When her family reached her house, her body was on floor and the ceiling fan showed no signs of damage.

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