Daughters of’ Ambani, Mittal, Birla etc are also enterprising

tycoonsBe it the Ambani’s or the Mittal’s, it goes without saying that these billionaire Indian business families live a life of luxury and glamour. While the men have built massive empires, their kids live a life of immense pressure, hard-work and determination to not just continue their father’s legacy, but to build a name and identity for themselves as well.

But amidst the busy life of business ventures and corporate world, these wealthy kids sure do know how to take time off and enjoy their life to the fullest. Right from Ananya Birla who easily juggles between her music albums and business, to Jayanti Chauhan who dawned the role of a Director in a multi-billion-dollar empire at the mere age of 27, these young ladies work hard but party twice as hard. Here’s a quick look at the upcoming businesswomen who’re all about enjoying their life in-spite their hectic schedules.

Ananya Birla is the daughter of Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla Group.

Having founded a Micro-Finance company at the mere age of 17, Ananya became India’s youngest rising business tycoon.

Apart from her successful business venture, Ananya is also a notable musician and singer and her album ‘Livin’ the Life’ was a massive hit recently.

ayanti Chauhan is the daughter of Ramesh Chauhan, Director of Bisleri International.

Jayanti single handedly lead her Rs. 1000 Crore brand to great heights since she overtook as the Director at the age of 27.

Tania Shroff is the daughter of industrialist Jaidev Shroff, Global CEO of UPL Limited and Vice-chairman of Advanta.

While her father is a businessman, Tania Shroff entered the world of fashion and is quite a renowned fashion designer.

Tania had earlier dawned headlines for her relationship with actor Suniel Shetty’s son, Ahan Shetty

Kresha Bajaj is the daughter of businessman Kishore Bajaj, the Chairman and Founder of Badasaab Group.


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