Shoaib Mailk shares photo with TV anchor of nude video leak defame

shaista wahidiPakistani cricketer and former captain Shoaib Malik who mostly tends to keep away from the limelight, recently shared a photo with a famous Pakistani TV anchor, Shaista Wahidi. Ever since the image was uploaded, it’s gathered immense attention on social sites considering Shaista’s controversial status in Pakistan.

Shaista is the TV presenter of the show ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’. The show over the years has gathered immense negative attention from religious clerics and organizations due to its ‘forward’ content and alleged hurting of Islamic religious sentiments. As a result, Shaista was forced to quit the show, following which she began to reside in South Africa. She was however requested to return to the country by her fan following and she commenced her 3rd show in 2015.

While her channel and her show garnered much negative attention, it was her leaked pictures that created the maximum scandal.

The said ‘objectionable’ images were released on social sites in 2014 that shocked many of her fans in Pakistan.

In the images, she’s seen alongside her former husband while on a vacation before the divorce. The leaked images consisted of several private moments of the duo.

Alleged semi-naked pictures to kissing, the images created a massive controversy on her professional life where fans criticized her of her ‘Un-Islamic’ ways.

Forced to give a confession on her morning show, Shaista accepted the pictures were real and that they were taken during her period of marriage with her ex-husband Dr. Waqar Wahidi.

She also went onto state that the images were released in order to tarnish her image and that she was being targeted and victimized.

Shaista Wahidi however fought against all allegations bravely and proved the images were of their private moments when she was still married, which doesn’t make it ‘sinful’ in any way.

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