When car stopped, BJP MlA slaps constable at Lucknow

BJPNEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Shriram Sonkar on Tuesday reportedly abused and slapped policemen in Lucknow’s Hazratganj area on being stopped for violating traffic rules (entering one-way), a video showed.

BJP leader’s abuse of power caught on tape01:11BJP leader’s abuse of power caught on tape

In the video, Sonkar was seen arguing with homeguard, insisting that he will take this route only. And when the cop posted at the Bapu Bhawan crossroad tried to inform lawmaker about the traffic rules violation, he slapped and abused him.

If this was not enough when traffic police sub-inspector Prem Shankar Shahi intervened, the MLA along with his supporters started beating up him too.

Talking to Times Now, the MLA said, “Who cares about the “no-entry” board and we will pay the fine if somebody sends us that…”

He, however, refused to apologise over the incident.

“Homeguard has complained that the MLA always takes the same route and resorts to abuses if stopped,” a senior police official said, adding, “Today he had informed about the Sonkar’s routine to Shahi who tried to talk to the lawmaker but failed…”

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