Bodies of lover found hanging together after 21 days

suicideSurat: In Padamdungari village of Tapi district, two lovers were found hanging while still holding each other. The missing report for both had been filed 21 days ago. Investigations revealed that the youth was a TRB jawan and the young woman is the sister-in-law of his sister.

Both dead bodies were found in a decomposed state.

On May 15, Mukesh left home to work never to return. Two days later, it was found that the sister-in-law of Mukesh’s sister Pratiksha was also missing. Both families began their search for the two.

The father of the deceased Mukesh, Vallabh Bhai Dhodiya Patel told police that he lives in Golthan village of Chikhli. They have two sons and a daughter. Mukesh was his youngest son. He used to work at the Navsari location in TRB.

The investigation continued for 21 consecutive days. However, the dreaded call came on 6 June.

The information received on the call said that the bodies of a young man and a woman were found hanging on a tree in a deserted forest, about 1.5 km from the Goswami Maani temple.

Both of them were identified as Mukesh and Pratiksha by mobile phones and voter identity card found in a bag from their possession.

According to police sources, a young man working in the forest saw the two bodies hanging from the tree.

He checked their luggage and found a mobile; he tried to make a phone call but the battery of the phone was out.

He finally took the phone home and charged it, only then the identity of the lovers was ascertained. Mukesh and Pratiksha loved each other.


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