RERA Act extended to entire MP: Mr. Anthony de Sa

Bhopal, June 9, 2017 (Ataullah Faizan):  Chairman RERA Mr. Anthony de Sa said that Madhya Pradesh has become the first State in the country to extend the applicability of Real Estate Act to all areas of the state. Earlier projects only in the 153 planning areas were required to be registered with RERA. In an important decision the Real Estate Regulatory Authority has decided to extend the requirement to non-planning areas also, thus bringing the entire state under the purview of the Act. RERA was receiving information from various sources that various residential and commercial complexes were being constructed in non-planning areas also, but their allottees could not avail of protection under the new Act on the grounds that Act was initially applicable only to those projects situated in planning areas. Mr. de Sa said that an allottee cannot be denied protection of the Act merely on the pretext that a project has been developed in a non-planning area. Such classification would be unjust and discriminatory. Therefore, in exercise of its powers, the Authority has extended benefits of the Act uniformly to all citizens of the state, irrespective of whether the project is being developed in planning or non-planning area. Now onwards, projects coming up anywhere in the state, will have to be registered with the Authority and allottees of such project will also be eligible for all the protection available under the Act.

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