This man has 13 wives who are all pregnant at the same time

pregnancyA strange picture is doing rounds on the social media in which a man is seen standing with 13 women, all of whom are pregnant. The women are believed to be the wives of the same man and are pregnant at the same time. The man, who is apparently from Nigeria (as the social media post says) is said to have impregnated all his wives at the same time.

Although we still couldn’t verify the authenticity of the post or its origin, the social media seems to be having a great time trolling the man and expressing their awe and disgust. According to the post, all the women share not only the husband but also the same house and live peacefully. We don’t know how true the news is or whether this level of coordinated births is even biological possible or not, but there’s no harm in wishing this daddy dearest all the best.


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