Beef eating parties held openly as Home Minister Rajnath Singh visits Mizoram

rajnath-singhAIZAWL: Protesting against the Centre’s recent notification banning sale of cattle for slaughter, a large number of people lined up to eat beef curry at ‘Beef Ban bashing Banquet’ at Vanapa Hall in the heart of the city.

The timing of the protest coincided with Union home minister Rajnath Singh’s maiden visit to the Manipur to chair a meeting to discuss international border security issues with the four northeastern states that share borders with Myanmar.

Braving heavy rains, more than a thousand people gathered and expressed their anger at what they called the Centre’s attempt to “restrict” what they want to eat. Said Remruata Varte of social network group ‘Zolife’, which organized the symbolic protest, “The people of Mizoram showed to the world that they do not want their right to choose what they eat to be curtailed.”

Beef is a part of the staple diet for most of the Christiandominated states in the northeast, and the Centre’s ‘beef ban’ has been unanimously opposed in the region. Meghalaya, which has 81% of its population consuming the meat, according to data released by the NSSO in 2015, also saw a ‘beef eating protest’ organised by two former BJP leaders on Saturday.

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