Why Lady doctor in live-in with fellow doctor commit suicide?

suicideDr. Shubra Raj, a gynecologist from Lady Elgin Hospital in Jabalpur, was found hanging from the ceiling fan. The woman doctor had divorced from her husband and was in a live-in relationship with a fellow doctor. Before she hanged herself, she wrote a note. In the note, she says that she is ‘not characterless.’

But why did she felt the need to write this in her note?

Before Dr. Shubra Raj hanged herself, she wrote a note: I am not characterless.

Dr Shubhra Raj had divorced her husband Dr. Ashok Vidyarthi.  Before she died, she was living with Dr. Ashish Raj in Dhanvantri Nagar.

She had asked her young daughters to lock the door from outside

On Sunday evening, Dr. Shubra sent her two daughters and to play in their neighbors’ house.

Post this, the woman doctor committed suicide in her bedroom by hanging herself from a ceiling fan.

At 8 pm, when the daughters came back and opened the lock they saw their mother hanging.  Hearing the children screaming, neighbours  rushed inside and immediately informed the police.

Police found the suicide note

Dr. Shubhra wrote in the suicide note: “I am broken woman. I am not characterless. After Dr Ashok, I have not had any sort of relations  with anyone other than Dr Ashish.

Ashish, stay happy. If Ashok wants to take my children, then let him. Now, I do not want to live any more. ”

She had earlier filed a rape case against Dr Ashish

Police said that Dr. Shubra Raj had lodged a case of rape against Dr. Ashish the previous year.

The two reached a compromise and started living-in together. Dr Ashish, too, is already married.

Citing the earlier dispute between the couple, the police is investigating every aspect of this matter.



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