Six minors gang rape 14 year old, throw her on rail track

rapePATNA: A 14-year-old from Bihar faces a long road to recovery after an hours-long ordeal that allegedly saw her get gang-raped by six minors, one of them her junior at school, beaten up, flung from a train, and left unattended for nearly 14 hours at a premier government hospital.
The survivor, who suffered heavy blood loss and five pelvic fractures in the attack, was found unconscious on railway tracks near the Kiul railway station on Saturday . The survivor and at least two of the suspects are residents of village Lakhochak in Lakhisarai district, where the crime took place on Friday night.
The survivor, overwhelmed by excruciating pain every time she tries to move her body , told TOI on Sunday that she was attacked when she stepped out of her house to relieve herself. “Someone grabbed me from behind, gagged and blindfolded me and dragged me to a nearby field. There were six-seven people; I recognised two of them as our neighbours,” she said. The victim said she fell unconscious after the attack.
“When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a train. The two youths I recognised pushed me out of the train and I fainted again,” she added. Her brother said the family first realised she was missing around 3am on Saturday . “After about 12 hours of frantic search, we found her at Kiul railway station. People had brought her to the platform from the tracks,” he said.

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