This is India: Drunk girl creates ruckus, beats people and bits cops

drunkIndore: A drunk woman from Thailand was detained for misbehavior and creating a ruckus in public in Indore on Wednesday. Police say that they received a call that a drunk woman on Tuesday night.
When they reached the spot, the 30-year-old woman misbehaved with them too and tried to make an escape from the police vehicle.
Annapurna TI BL Mandloi told that the incident happened near the Moon Palace Colony late night. At around 12 AM, four young men were passing through a car with a foreign girl.
Each one of them was heavily intoxicated. In the meantime, the girl had a dispute with one of the men. She bit him and started beating him. After this, the angry man beat her and left her there and went away.
T he drunk woman started creating a ruckus on the road. The crowd began to gather and tried to stop her.
After this, the people informed the police. Annapurna police, who reached the spot, wanted to explain to the girl, but she began to abuse the policemen. After this the women police were called on the spot.
When the women police tried to lift her, she started flipping over them as well. After this, the police were forced to tie her hands with the help of the people. During all this, she kept on abusing.
TI Mandloi told that the girl works in a spa center and had come to a party with friends in Crescent Water Park after which they drank a lot.

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