Telugu Star Ravi Teja’s brother Bhupatiraju Bharath Raju dies in road mishap

teju-rajaTelugu superstar Ravi Teja’s brother, Bhupatiraju Bharath Raju met with an accident on Saturday night at Outer Ring Road in Shamshabad. The mishap occurred at around 10 pm and the 45-year-old was driving from Shamshabad to Gachibowli in his red Skoda. A report in TOI quoted RGI Airport inspector Mahesh. He said that a complaint will be filed against the truck driver who had apparently not taken proper precautions in parking his vehicle when it broke down. At Chennamma Hotel near Kotwalguda in Shamsabad, the victim’s car rammed into the back of the truck and the hood of the car was damaged. The impact of this head-on collision was the cause of death. According to various other media reports, the police official identified the victim on Sunday due to facial disfiguration.
The same inspector said, “Due to high speed collision, Bharat died on the spot. The truck broke down and it was parked on the road side.” The officials were not sure where Bharath was travelling from or to. According to the same report, the cops have not ruled out the ‘Driving Under Influence’ angle either as they have informed that the viscera would be sent to the forensic labs to check for alcohol consumption. This happens after Bharat, who had also acted in a handful of movies was earlier arrested by Hyderabad police for possession of cocaine.
The postmortem was conducted in Osmania General Hospital Mortuary. While Bharath’s brother Ragu refused to comment, their actor friend Uttej said, “I am not in a condition to talk.”
एक्सीडेंट में इस सुपरस्टार के भाई की मौत, ऐसी हो गई कार की हालत
मुंबई.साउथ एक्टर रवि तेजा के भाई और एक्टर भूपतिराजु भारत राजू(45साल) का रोड एक्सिडेंट में निधन हो गया। एक्सीडेंट हैदराबाद की आउटर रिंग रोड पर कोतवालगुडा में हुआ। पुलिस के मुताबिक भरत शनिवार रात 10 बजे शमशाबाद से गच्ची बावली जा रहे थे कि उनकी कार आउटर रिंग रोड पर खड़ी एक लॉरी से टकरा गई। जहां मौके पर ही उनकी डेथ हो गई। उस्मानिया अस्पताल में पोस्टमार्टम कराने के बाद फैमिली के डेड बॉडी दे दी गई है। वहीं पुलिस ने मामला दर्ज कर जांच शुरू कर दी है।

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