What is Navya Neveli doing with this mystery man?

navyaAmitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli grabs eyeballs wherever she goes. So when she headed for a movie date with one of her friends, this weekend, she had to make news. More so, when she and her friend played hide and seek with the paparazzi.
Navya was spotted coming out of a Mumbai theatre on Sunday (26th June). While the star daughter was all smiles avoiding the media, her friend was totally ignoring the cameras and kept hiding his face from the media. And while the mystery boy covered his entire face with his tee shirt, Navya blushed and smiled looking at his game.

Navya blushes and smiles as her friend avoids media.
Navya has been keeping in news for her speculated Bollywood entry for a long time.
While speaking to a leading daily, mom Shweta Bachchan Nanda opened up about being a modern-day mother and had said, “No, I am not their friend. I am their mother! I have a communicative and realistic equation with my children. When they were little, they came to me with bruised knees. Today, they come to me with bruised hearts. They ask my opinion, but they don’t have to obey it. I’m not strict about the teenage rites of passage stuff. I am strict about behavior, that is very important to me.”
When asked if being a mother who has her own life meant distancing yourself from your kids and Shweta said, “I do not expect that I will know everything that is going on in my children’s lives, but I am always in on the important stuff. For me, that is enough. I do not want to live through them. I do not want them to live the life I plan for them. I want them to chart their own path; if they fail, there is no shame, and I will be there to pick them up.”

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