Token system begins at Jaiprakash hospital

Revenue Minister Mr. Gupta inaugurates by distributing tokens to patients

gupta3.7.17Bhopal, July 3, 2017 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):   Revenue Minister Mr. Umashankar Gupta inaugurated token facility in Jaiprakash Hospital by distributing tokens to patients. The facility has been started on the initiative of Minister Mr. Gupta. With the introduction of this facility, patients will not have to stand in queues outside the doctor’s room. Patients will be provided tokens and they will be admitted into the doctor’s room when their names are called out. Patients appreciated the launching of the new token system. Revenue Minister Mr. Gupta today spent half and an hour each at Jaiprakash and Katju Hospital under the programme ‘Samasya ka Samadhan Vidhayak ke Saath’ initiated by him. Patients came up to him and shared their problems. He gave prompt instructions to change the dialysis machine of Blood Group C+ following a complaint in Jaiprakash Hospital. He instructed for necessary action in another complaint related to four other dialysis machines whose companies have been closed down. The hospital management told that five dialysis machines are operative due to which the patients are not facing any inconvenience.

Mr. Gupta gave instructions to punish the driver of Janani Express for negligence for blowing the vehicle’s horn loudly while entering Jaiprakash Hospital by making him sit in the hospital chowki for 2-3 hours. He was told that the driver had been negligent twice-thrice earlier also. A few girls took selfie with their favourite MLA and Revenue Minister Mr. Umashankar Gupta on seeing him at the Jaiprakash Hospital premises. The girls were trying to meet the Minister since long. When Mr. Gupta saw him he asked them whether they had any problem to which the girls replied –“No Sir, we want a selfie with you”. Mr. Gupta accepted their request and allowed them to take a selfie with them.

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