Man Sleeps With Dead Body Of Wife For 5 Years

man sleeps with dead wifeDealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy. Only someone who has gone through the ordeal can relate to the pain. For a named Le Van in Vietnam’s Quang Nam province the mere thought of staying away from his dead wife was so painful that he dug up her grave and dragged her dead body home. He dressed the dead body like a human doll and shared the same bed with her for 5 years. The wife died in 2003 and for 20 months the man would go to her grave every night and sleep beside her.
Sleeping on the grave would be difficult on days when it rained, so Le Van tried to dig a tunnel from his home to her grave and planned to spend nights sleeping in this tunnel.
He couldn’t go with the plan after his neighbours and the local authorities found out about it and stopped him. It was then that he decided to bring the dead body to his home.
Le’s son now hugs his mother every night before going to sleep while Le sleeps beside her on the same bed.
He confessed that neighbours were earlier scared to visit him but now they have grown used to it.
Le Van believes that though his wife’s body passed away her spirit is still with them.
He wrapped the body in coloured papers and covered the skull with a clay mold decorating it with a picture of his deceased wife’s face.
It was said that the local authorities would be conducting an inspection at Le’s house soon but there is no update on the case as of now.

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