Singapire Man Sleeps With 57 Women In 24 Hours To Create World Record

sexA 34-year-old man in Singapore has set a world record by having sex with 57 women in 24 hours. The man, who prefers to go anonymous, took part in an annual event run by a brothel in Prague. The man had been training for months to break the previous record of a porn star of having sex with 55 women in 24 hours. The man claimed in an interview that doing this was more difficult than a lot of professional sports. He started at midnight and the brothel had to bring girls from different brothels as all the women he slept with had to be different.
There were two conditions for the task- first, he could not take any prescription medicine to improve his erection and second, he must ejaculate 5 ml of semen in each session.
The man stood clean on both the conditions.
Midway into the task, the man complained of cramps. There was a physiotherapist on the venue who gave him medicines and the man continued again.
By mid-day the man had already slept with 29 women and was ahead of the previous record holder.
Use of natural supplements were allowed, but the man refused to reveal the names of the supplement that he took.
He was immediately rushed to the hospital after the task was completed.

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