Women beat child rapist to death after tying him with tree

murderUnder Ramgarh Police station area near the city of Dumka (Jharkhand stat) on Tuesday late evening, angry crowd beat a man to death who was accused of abducting, raping and killing a 7-year-old.
The man was identified as Mithun Hansda had allegedly kidnapped the girl, raped her and murdered her before throwing her body in the trees near the river bank.
The little girl had been missing from a wedding in nearby Jalwe village; she had left the venue to play with other girls.
Locals of Jalwe village called a Panchayat but despite repeated calls, Mithun Hansda did not come to the gathering.
Villagers then forcibly entered his house and took him to the Panchayat gathering. When he was asked about the girl, he diverted the topic.
However, when his wife revealed that Mithun Hansda wasn’t home on Tuesday, it deepened the locals suspicion about him being behind the girl’s disappearance.
Mithun Hansda was then tied to a tree where he told the villagers that he had seen the girl near the river bank; locals found her body and deduced that he was the culprit.
Angered by the incident, the enraged villagers beat him to death.
The video shows the man’s arms tied behind his back. He was dragged by one woman keeping the hold on a long rope, while the other two women beat him with large sticks.

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