16 years old boy marries 71 years old woman in unique lover affair

womanIt is not unusual to hear stories of people getting married to partner who are either little younger or elder to them. But what about the ones with the age gap of 55 years!?
tory of a woman aged 71 and boy aged 16 is not something that you don’t hear every day. This surprising incident happened when a 16 year-old teenager boy Selamat Riayadi fell in love with his elderly bride Rohaya.
The extraordinary wedding took place in their home village of Karangendah in the western South Sumatra province of Indonesia, against the wishes of the Indonesian community.
Rohaya is a widowed pensioner. She was married twice before and this is her third marriage.
Minimum age for boys to get married in Indonesia is 19 year but but a loophole allows for any marriage within a person’s ‘religious norms’. The couple performed ‘nikaah siri’ marriage which is recognized by the society and not by state.
According to the local media couple was so in love that they threatened others of committing double suicide.

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