Why this US girl urinated on US flag? US ke jhande par peshab kar diya

US flagEmily Lance of Pennsylvania, USA, became the latest victim of receiving flak and death threats from public, thanks to her post on social media. On the 4th of July that is celebrated as the nations Independence Day, Emily took to posting an inappropriate photo of herself urinating on the National Flag.
The video immediately went viral with thousands of people condemning her act of disrespecting the flag. Some users even went a step too far and sent her several death threats. One user even put an ad on facebook for a $3000 bounty on her. After the matter aggravated, Emily has removed all her accounts on social media platforms.
Before posting the video, Emily had taken to posting an explanation of what ‘freedom of speech’ meant to her. After removing her frustration on the various lynching that takes place in the name of the flag, she took to posting the inappropriate video.
Several users immediately flood on Emily’s post abusing her for her action. After the matter turned worse, Emily took to mentioning how her family and her father were being targeted for her actions.
“To whom it may concern, my Dad just called me and informed me that his place of employment has been targeted. Interestingly he respects THE FLAG and loves your country. I do not live with him nor does he or anyone in my family agree with my shenanigans. They’ve got nothing to do with my decisions…”
“Don’t take your anger out on the wrong people – you harassing them is displacing your emotions and the equivalent of blaming Jack for what Sally did,” posted Emily.
However, her post was ignored with tons of other users joining the condemnation.
Emily’s facebook profile includes various other inappropriate posts as well including marijuana and other drugs, which was later targeted by users.
After a bounty was placed on Emily’s name by a facebook user, she took to deleting her account, alongside her other social media handles as well.

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