Actress had paid sex and then started blackmailing client

actressPolice have arrested Pune-based small time actress Pooja Jadhav for allegedly cheating a man and threatening him with filing a fake case of rape against him. Pooja reportedly worked with a group of four other women and a man to dupe the victim who had paid to have sex with her, police told.
As per the police, the woman had set a rate of Rs 2,000 when she got in touch with the man over the phone and made physical relationship with him at a lodge later but then demanded Rs 5 lakh with threats of filing a fake rape case against him.
When the man couldn’t pay, Pooja and her group members asked the man to marry her and he agreed under pressure. After the marriage, when the group of thugs still couldn’t get the money out of the man they attacked him before stealing Rs 6,000 from his possession. Police arrested the actress when she approached the police station but her story raised suspicion as she refused to lodge a complaint.

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