Actress Gracy Singh of Lagaan and Munna Bhai MBBS is Santoshi Maa now

gracy singhRemember the chirpy village belle Gauri from Lagaan or pretty doctor Suman from Munna Bhai MBBS? Yes, we are talking about Gracy Singh. The actress who made a stellar debut in Oscar-nominated Lagaan has been out of limelight for quite some time now. Last seen in the forgettable Deshdrohi, the petite actress is now back to where she had started her acting career from–television.
Gracy is all set to make a comeback on television after 13 years–as a goddess. She will be seen playing the goddess on daily soap, Santoshi Maa, on &TV. The talented actress began her career with television soap, Amanat, on Zee TV. She was also seen in small roles in films Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain and Hu Tu Tu. Her big break was Aamir Khan’s Lagaan. After the release of Lagaan, Gracy was touted as one of the most promising actresses in Bollywood. She went on to star in Rajkumar Hirani’s cult movie Munna Bhai MBBS and Prakash Jha’s Gangajal. However, post Gangajal, Gracy’s golden period ended. Blame it on wrong choice of films or the inability to keep up with Bollywood trends (skin-show, item numbers et al), Gracy’s career downgraded to doing B-grade movies
A trained classical dancer, Gracy will now be hoping to revive her career with mythologial show, Santoshi Maa on Starting November 30 on &TV.
Santoshi Maa is the story of Santoshi(played by Ratan Rajput), a loving girl with a heart of gold who has been a worshipper of the Goddess since childhood. Much like the Goddess of santosh or contentment, Santoshi has no malice or greed in her heart and believes in respecting every individual. Gracy as Santoshi Maa will be seen in different avatars, one of them being that of a village belle a la Gauri of Lagaan.
Excited to be a part of the show, Gracy said, “Portraying a Goddess on the small screen is extremely challenging but also satisfying at the same time.”
“All these years I received so many offers for TV shows but nothing appealed to me. But I loved the concept of Santoshi Maa. It has a great storyline, much relevance in today’s times and is being made with a lot of sincerity. Portraying a Goddess on the small screen is extremely challenging but also satisfying at the same time. I am a believer myself and given the competitive environment that we are in, I don’t let negativity affect me, but I take time off to relax and enjoy and be content with what I have achieved. That’s what the show is also about. I look forward to receiving a positive response from the viewers,” Gracy was quoted as saying by
16 साल पहले किया था आमिर के साथ डेब्यू, अब टीवी पर बनीं ‘संतोषी मां’
‘लगान: वंस अपान ए टाइम इन इंडिया’ और ‘मुन्नाभाई एमबीबीएस’ जैसी सुपरहिट फिल्मों की एक्ट्रेस का है बर्थडे।
मुंबई. ‘लगान: वंस अपान ए टाइम इन इंडिया’ और ‘मुन्नाभाई एमबीबीएस’ जैसी सुपरहिट फिल्मों से बॉलीवुड में दस्तक देने वाली ग्रेसी सिंह का आज जन्मदिन है। ग्रेसी सिहं फिलहाल डेलीसोप ‘संतोषी मां’ में बिजी है। ग्रेसी 20 जुलाई 1980 को दिल्ली में पैदा हुई थी। ग्रेसी के पिता स्वर्ण सिंह प्राइवेट कंपनी में जॉब करते थे और मम्मी वरजिंदर कौर टीचर थीं। ग्रेसी के पेरेंट्स चाहते थे कि ग्रेसी डॉक्टर या इंजीनियर बने, लेकिन ग्रेसी ने मॉडलिंग की दुनिया में कदम रखा।

ग्रेसी ने शो’अमानत’ में घर से भागी हुई लड़की का रोल निभाया था…
ग्रेसी फिल्मों में आने से पहले टीवी सीरियल्स कर चुकी हैं, उन्होंने जीटीवी के शो ‘अमानत’ में घर से भागी हुई लड़की का रोल निभाया था। अमानत की शूटिंग के दौरान ही ग्रेसी ने फिल्म लगान के लिए स्क्रीन टेस्ट दिया और फिल्म में लीड रोल के लिए सिलेक्ट हो गई। हालांकि फिल्म लगान से पहले ग्रेसी फिल्म ‘हम दिल दे चुके सनम’ में भी छोटी सा रोल कर चुकी है।

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