Rivers should be utilized, not exploited – CM Mr. Chouhan

Mining policy should be based on environment, development and human approach

lead22.7.17Bhopal, July 22, 2017 (Muslim Saleem):  Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the mining policy should be based on environment conservation, sustainable development and human approach. Inaugurating the national workshop organized at EPCO auditorium, Mr. Chouhan said that the state government is attempting to ensure easy availability of sand for development. Illegal activities should be stopped. Rivers should be utilized not exploited. There should be a human approach to mining. He said that the workshop has been organized for making of the mining policy based on these objectives. Mr. Chouhan gave phasewise details of the various forms of making of mining policy and outlined the issues to be discussed. The Chief Minister expressed the hope that the brainstorming at the workshop would give final shape to the mining policy.

Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan said on the occasion that the humans alone do not have the sole right over nature. All living beings, movable and immovable elements too have equal rights. Therefore a balanced behavior towards nature is necessary. In the absence of this, its adverse effects become apparent in the form of rise in temperature, lack of rains, irregular monsoon and natural calamities. Several animals have started becoming extinct on Earth. Several animals including Mahashir fish are on the verge of extinction; attempts to conserve which are being made. This is becoming a cause of concern worldwide.

Citizens of the state have resolved to save the environment with the Narmada Seva Yatra and by planting 7 crore and 13 lakh saplings in 12 hours they have fulfilled their responsibility. Mr. Chouhan said that it has become essential for us to leave a healthy environment for our future generation in which there are equal opportunities of living for all. Mr. Chouhan said that we should utilize natural resources only to the extent where nature can compensate for it. Balance between environment and development should be the basis of our policy.

One-sided effort is not right. If sand mining from rivers is totally stopped, it can lead to erosion. The fertile soil on the sides of the rivers, start turning into sand. Similarly, easy availability of sand for development can put the very existence of the river at stake. The Chief Minister said that the policy should be balanced and practical. The mining policy should not create a competition for economic profits. Illegal activities should come to an end. Human intervention should be controlled to the minimum. Procedures should be transparent.

Approach should be human. Sand should be made easily available to the general consumer. New employment opportunities should be generated. The Chief Minister called upon the experts at the workshop to ponder on the integrated and human perspective of mining policy. There should be a scientific procedure of mining that not only generates employment opportunities but also conserves ecology. He expressed the hope that the workshop will help in forming the mining policy of the state besides guiding formation of mining policy of the country.

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