“Doctor” sodomises wife for 18 years, woman rescued now

unnatural sexA woman, who was kept chained like animals, was rescued from Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli after her husband tortured her for three months. The unspeakable acts of the victim’s doctor husband where revealed by the woman after she was freed.
Married to the vile man for 18 years, the woman told that her husband is not a trained doctor and would forcibly have unnatural sex with her regularly. Further talking about her ordeal, she said that her objections to his behaviour would meet with brutal beatings each time.
he woman has alleged that her husband had been harassing her since her marriage 18 years ago. But for the last 3 months, the accused crossed all the limits of inhumanity when bound her in a room of the house with shackles.
The man even kept his wife starving for days and the neighbours grew suspicious after not sighting the woman for long and upon learning of her ordeal they subsequently reported the matter it to her maternal family.
The victim told that the husband did not even spare their children and the accused man would thrash their daughter when she would come to meet her from the Madrasa, a Muslim educational institution where she studied.
Police have lodged a complaint against the victim’s husband after it was filed by her maternal family. Police said the matter is under investigation and an appropriate action will be taken against the man on the basis of evidence.

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