Spa inaugurated by Monica Bedi indulges in sex trade

monica bediKotwali district of Rajasthan came under the police radar recently after a high-profile spa was raided for conducting illegal activities in their premises. The police team arrived after a sting operation was conducted by DSP Dinesh Parihar pretending to be a customer.
After finalising a deal of Rs. 10,000 for Rs.5,000, Dinesh immediately informed the other officials who raided the spa soon after. Several women from Thailand who were under a tourist visa and one woman from Manipur were arrested in the raid for their illegal activities under the pretence of operating a spa.
The spa had first come into limelight when bollywood actress Monica Bedi was invited to inaugurate it.
After receiving information on the illegal sex activities within the premises, DSP Dinesh Parihar conducted a sting operation.
According to reports, the spa included several high end facilities within the many rooms. A sum of Rs. 900 was collected at the entry after which the receptionist would assist the customer to the 1st floor where several girls were stationed outside room doors.
Thereafter, a deal is struck where an amount ranging between Rs. 5000-10,000 is fixed.
The spa’s manager Navin Sharma was arrested after the raid alongside his female assistant.
The owner of the spa Sunil Gowani and Manoj Lalwani have been absconding with their entire family ever since the raid took place
Manoj Lalwani has several spas and parlors in Ratlam, Ujjain, Neemuch and so on. Lalwani would meet the Manager Navin Sharma every evening to collect the day’s earnings and the amount would later be divided between Lalwani and Gowani.

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